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Here are some other Mustangs you might find interesting:

This is my 1967 Mustang Coupe
This is the car that got me hooked on Mustangs. Isn't it gorgeous! This 1967 coupe is an original Victoria car, of which I was the third owner. After owning this beauty for over six years, I got bitten by the Mach 1 bug.  Unfortunately, I had to sell my Coupe to buy the Mach 1.  See below!

This is my 2003 Mach 1
I ordered this beauty in October 2002, and it arrived on December 20th - the first one on Vancouver Island!

This is my current "other Mustang". It's a 1968 California Special.

After owning the Mach 1 for 6 1/2 years, I really wanted a vintage Mustang again.  I found a '68 Coupe which I kept for just over three years, before finding this beauty.  It spent it's first 43 years in Sacramento, before being brought to Canada.  It was repainted in 2005, and I am now taking it to the next level.  It had just under 51,000 miles on it when I bought it in late August of 2012.

This is Bill Schaefer's 1990 Limited Edition 7-UP Convertible
Bill is the founder of the 1990 Limited Edition Mustang Registry. His car has been extensively modified with road racing in mind.