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Who Am I?

Here's a little background on who I am and how to reach me.
I'm Steve Cracknell, and I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I became interested in Mustangs after attending a couple of shows put on by the local club, the Vancouver Island Mustangs Association. In 1996, my Dad & I purchased a beautiful 1967 Mustang Coupe. I immediately joined the club and we started to clean up the car. Once in the club I noticed the 5.0 cars and how much fun the owners of these vehicles were having with them. I decided to keep my eyes open for a clean one and purchased a very nice Medium Red 91 Hatchback. In June of 1999, I happened upon a very rare 1990 Limited Edition 5.0 LX Convertible, and as you know by now, traded in my 91 on it.

If you want to contact me, my Email address is:

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