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This site is dedicated to the 1990 Limited Edition Mustang 5.0L LX Convertible.

My 7-UP Car:

I purchased the dark green convertible in June 1999, after the original owner had traded it in on a new Honda. Thanks go to my buddy, Ian Chapman, who advised me that he had seen the car on the lot.

Up until that point, I had only owned red Mustangs, but the droptop changed all that. Although the car did not appear to have been abused, I knew that I would be improving a few things. My goal was to keep the car as original as possible, while improving the "fun" side of it.

The first thing I noticed was that the stock AOD transmission, when teamed with the 2:73 highway gears really didn't cut it. I made a note to deal with them a little down the road.

My first step was to install the K&N Filtercharger and Motorsport 9mm wires which I had retained from my '91 Hatchback trade-in, and install new plugs, cap & rotor.

The car came with no floor mats. Cori Dorman, a long-time VIMA member came to the rescue. Cori works for Suburban Motors, and was able to locate a full set of the already obsolete Titanium Grey mats which were originally available for the car in 1990.

Next came the installation of a good car alarm, to keep the convertible in the home stable. I then contracted Colin Vogel of Dentex, who was able to remove a rather large dent from the passenger side door, as well as numerous door dings, and I still had my original paint!

Then came the Kenny Brown Chassis Stiffening Kit. Chris Schmelzel at Lejeune Engineering did a great job of welding on the Subframe Connectors. Ian Chapman & I installed the Strut Tower Brace. I then had the Lower Chassis Brace installed at Victoria Automatic. Ian & I planned to do it originally, but we just couldn't get the car high enough in the driveway to install the brace. The Kenny Brown kit did a fantastic job of ridding the car of the inherent chassis flex that these convertibles are plagued by.

Next, I had the worn out, original exhaust replaced with a Walker Dynomax 2 1/2 inch cat back exhaust system.

Finally, the 2:73 gears were pulled in favour of a set of Motorsport 3:73s. At the same time, a TransGo High Performance Shift Kit was installed by Victoria Automatic.


The above was done within the first couple of years that I owned the car.  Until 2009, only maintenance and detailing have been performed.  In April 2009, I had Styles, a local upholstery shop replace some leather panels on the bucket seats, along with new foam and strategic re-dying of some of the original leather to freshen up the interior.  Then, in November 2009, I had Transmission & Auto Care Victoria (formerly Victoria Automatic) upgrade my transmission with a Ford Racing AOD Wide Ratio/Upgrade Kit.  This kit improves both low-end torque and acceleration as well as transmission durability, resulting in a car that is so much more fun to drive. 




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Here is an article about my website at the Garage Blog.  See the link for a great little article about the 7-Up Car.



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If you have one of these emerald green beauties, and would like to register it, please see the 1990 Limited Edition Mustang Registry page for exciting news...

Registry News:, Welcome to the newest Registry members:

We had 8 cars registered in 2018.  Thank you! 

Brian Bailey of West Virginia registered his car on March 15, 2019.

Frank Passarelli of North Carolina registered his car on April 26, 2019.

Marc Gelfand of Illinois registered his car on May 28, 2019



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Gordon Webb of Ontario has started a Facebook page dedicated to the 7-Up Cars and their owners.  Here is a link to his page.  Drop on by and say hello.!/groups/445950928775870/

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