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These are pictures of my convertible. I hope you enjoy them.
The first five pictures were taken in July 2000 in front of the Legislative Library steps in Victoria, British Columbia.
Click on any of these pictures for a larger image.

The engine bay, after some detailing and the addition of the Kenny Brown strut tower to fire wall brace.

The little guy hanging from the rearview mirror is the 7-UP mascot "Spot".
Spring Spectacular in Parksville, BC
This was the first show of the 2001 season. Since last season, I have added a new convertible top and a sign explaining the significance of the car.

The Interstate battery that came with the car died, giving me an excuse to put a fresh Ford battery in it's place.  I have also changed out the spark plug wires for a set of fresh blue Motorsports. That looks more like it!